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October 19, 2016

5 Coffee Table Books We Love

by Julieta Lucca

Hot pot of freshly brewed tea and muffin in hand, you are ready to relax with five of our favourite coffee table books.

Hands up those of you who love a good coffee table book! Back when I lived in a tiny studio, I didn't have a sofa or a TV, let alone a coffee table.

The coffee table is something of a sacred piece of furniture for me, think Joey and his line about TVs “where does all your furniture point at?” – same thing with me but instead of the TV, my whole living room set-up revolves around the coffee table.

It’s no surprise that I love to style it with amazing books and trinkets. Today, I share with you some of the best coffee table books so you can too dress up your table with unique publications.

soppy by philippa rice

Philippa Rice is an illustrator and author living in Nottingham with her boyfriend and illustrator Luke Pearson.

Soppy is a collection of illustrations based on real-life moments that Philippa documented over time. From trips to the supermarket to silly arguments, Soppy is a heart-warming book that will have you awwww-ing with every single page turn.

The perfect book for a flick-through on a winter’s day, Soppy can also make for the perfect gift. If you are a long time fan of Philippa Rice’s work or you just found out about it, I know for sure you are going to love this book.

Shop Soppy by Philippa Rice

urban jungle by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff

Unless you have been living under a Swiss Cheese plant, in which case I forgive you because I love them! Urban Jungle has been everywhere!

What started like a community blog, Instagram account and hashtag (#urbanjunglebloggers), showcasing beautiful homes with a gorgeous overflow of plants, turned into the most beautiful book! Authors Igor Josifovic from Happy Interior Blog and Judith de Graaff from Joelix, are both huge inspirations when it comes to interiors.

Urban Jungle features some amazing interiors with some even more amazing collection of plants.

✚ Shop Urban Jungle by Igor Josifovic & Judith de Graaff

*Image above by The Future Kept

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney

Grace Bonney is the woman behind the hugely popular design blog Design*Sponge. Founded in 2004, Grace and her team blog about Interiors, Food, DIY, Travel as well as Life & Business.

Having already published a book “Design*Sponge at Home”, her latest book “In The Company of Women” has been even more successfully received.

Bonney’s new book, features inspiration and advice from over a thousand makers, artists and female entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in getting some real-life advice from women all over the world, all in one book, this is the one.


Shop In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney

Beaches by Gray Malin

Gray Malin is an American photography hugely known for his bird’s eye view stills from beaches located all around the world. The book is segmented by the different continents and features some breathtaking images like the one pictured on the right.

Even though he doesn’t just photograph beaches, this book is perhaps one of my favourite finds and one that I’m constantly picking up from my coffee table. It’s like “Where’s Wally” but for beach lovers.

✚ Shop Beaches by Gray Malin

A Map of The World by Antonis Antoniu

I have this things with maps… there, I said it! There’s something about a well illustrated map that puts me in a meditative state. This collection of different map illustrations by different artists is something that all map-lovers will fall in love with the minute they set their hands on it.

Travel around the world from the comfort of your own sofa and you might actually end up learning some geography, too! Which in my opinion is always a good thing!

✚ Shop a Map of the World by Antonis Antoniu

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Images courtesy of Philippa Rice, The Future Kept, Design*Sponge, Gray Malin & Foyles.

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