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October 14, 2015

7 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

by Julieta Lucca

Being someone that loves to cook and bake means I have a pretty extensive collection of utensils, basically of any kitchen tool you might think of.

However, some times I wish I'd invested in more staple gadgets rather than things like cups and pretty cookie cutters.

Here is a list of seven kitchen tools I think are a must-have for any cooking fanatics.

Microplane Zester from Amazon (£17)

Let me stop you right there, I know you gasped when you saw how much this zester costs. However, this is perhaps the best one on the market, check out those 232 five star reviews on Amazon. The blades are extremely sharp which makes zesting and grating an absolute joy. If you have struggled to zest a lemon with a crappy grater in the past you will understand the pain and frustration. With kitchen tools it’s always best to go for quality and durability over price.

Glass Storage Jars from IKEA (from £0.80)

I love making quinoa, couscous and rice salads therefore I have more varieties of all those grains than I probably should. I like to keep grains, flours, pastas and cereals on glass containers so I can easily see what I have. As a plus, my cupboard doesn’t end up looking like a mess with all half open packets of things. Resealable stickers are useful but up to a certain point.

Kenwood Hand Mixer from John Lewis (£54.99)

I know what you are thinking, and I’m thinking it too. I don’t want a stupid hand mixer, I want a KitchenAid. But in the grand scheme of things, creaming butter and sugar by hand is not something I love to do. #armcramp

Upgrade your wooden spoon to a hand mixer, because who has the time or enough arm strength to beat batter by hand anymore?

Wooden Board from Urbanara (from £22)

I’m obsessed with wooden boards, they are an extremely versatile piece of equipment. I think having a good wooden board is a non-negotiable investment. This one is from Urbanara and it’s made in Spain from 100% natural olive wood, finished with an olive oil and beeswax finish.

Cast Iron Pan from Amazon (£25)

It’s time for Generation Y to learn some tricks when it comes to buying pans. Let’s just say that cast iron is extremely underrated and not even talked about among millennials. Cast iron skillets and pans are the toughest you’ll ever find and they are made to last forever.

A cast iron pan or griddle is perhaps the best you can use to sear steaks. One of the advantages of the material is that it can retain heat for a long time.

Of course there are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to taking care of it but it’s not any more difficult than learning how to browse the internet, which we all know how to do.

I recommend this article on www.seriouseats.com for the ultimate guide on how to keep your cast iron pan looking like new.

Marble Pestle & Mortar from The White Company (£40)

I’m a big fan of spices, I put them on everything! It’s the best and cheapest way to play with flavours and surprise your tastebuds. My favourite spice is Cumin and I can never have enough of it. And because I like buying the seeds rather than the powder form, I find that a good pestle and mortar helps me grind them just enough when I need some.

You can also make a great homemade guacamole with it and it’s just a timeless kitchen tool to own.

Kenwood MultiPro Excel Food Processor from John Lewis (£400)

Here’s another kitchen tool millennials usually compromise on. I particularly chose this food processor because of its attachments. Not only does it come with the usual features you would expect but it includes a blender and built-in scales. So you are really getting 3-in-1 plus the 8 different speeds.

Do look around and research, there are new models being introduced all the time, so it’s worth having a look around to see what better suits your needs.

Learn more about Kenwood MultiPro Excel Food Processor here.

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