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February 10, 2017

At Home with Pets: 7 Pet Beds Your Cat Already Wishlisted

by Julieta Lucca

So your life has been graced with a cat...

and you spend most of your free time tending to your new owner.

Because your kitty can’t really tell you he’s tired of sleeping on the sofa like a friend who’s couch-surfing, we decided to put together a comprehensive list of pet beds that are approved by 90% of stay-at-home cats. The remaining 10% were too busy to comment.


Pet Tipi by MinicampIt on Etsy

Etsy is the ultimate shopping destination for pet lovers. And it’s no surprise that a handmade item like this pet tipi would make it into this list. For both small dogs and cats alike, the design and construction is flawless. Every aspect has been taken into account, even the beautiful pom pom detailing on the front of the tipi, which shows Gintare’s (the brains behind MinicampIt) love for crafted and unique pet accessories.

Why we love it: If you are looking for a more alternative type of pet bed, this one is definitely for you. It comes in two sizes to accommodate pets of different heights.

Shop the Pet Tipi by MinicampIt

Prince Cat Den on Zooplus

I will not lie, I squeaked when I saw this; it’s the perfect cat cabin. Tagged under “Scandi-cool”, the Cat Den is made of wood and it comes in the most calm of colours, natural wood and grey. With an upstairs and downstairs section, this is a great option if you have two or more cats. This tiny cat retreat or “staycation-home” as I like to call it, doesn’t need much else but a couple of sheep-skins draped over the top and inside the downstairs section for the ultimate luxury cat home.

Why we love it: It takes a lot to impress a cat but this may just be the one thing that does it.

Shop the Prince Cat Den

Covo Cat Bed on Styletails

This striking circular shaped designer basket is not the cheapest option. Now that we got that out of the way, what is life if you can’t treat your beloved cat to well-deserved luxury? The bed’s raised edge imitates a cave and provides your cat with a cosy and “protected” place to sleep.

Why we love it: Modern cat beds are not every-day occurrences, if you are in the market for well designed, functional pet beds, this is for you.

Shop the Covo Cat Bed


Chunky Wool Pet Bed by AtelierdeJolie on Etsy

For those cats who love the feeling of soft and warm wool… who are we kidding, all cats love the feeling of soft and warm wool. But if your cat has a special penchant for knitted goods, this is the bed for them! This is a great option if you happen to move their beds quite a lot, if they are not too fond of sleeping on the floor (like most kitties are) you can prop the bed on a chair, bed, sofa or even a deep bookshelf.

Why we love it: you can choose the colour for your bed from a selection of 32 colours! You might want to run it past your Majesty, though.

Shop the Chunky Wool Pet Bed by AtelierdeJolie

Geobed Cat Cave on Styletails

For the most hipster households, the Geobed is a piece of designer cat furniture that is both beautifully designed and again, NOT CHEAP. This is obviously the type of bed you choose when both your cat’s and your own interest on interior design align.

Why we love it: It not just looks like but it is a tremendously expensive cat treat. But who am I to judge, I’d buy it in a heartbeat (if I didn’t have a conscience).

Shop the Geobed Cat Cave

The Cat Ball on Styletails

French designed and made, the “Cat Ball” is the most modern pet bed we’ve come across so far. The cocoon is made out of woven yarn and it rests on a structured wood and metal frame.

Why we love it: It’s beautifully made with great attention to detail. It’s available in seven gorgeous and modern colours.

Shop The Cat Ball

Shark Pet Bed

There’s pet beds for every type of cat and this shark bed is all about conveying your kitty’s sense of empowerment, it also looks quite silly, but hey! they don’t know that.

Why we love it: It may look silly but it’s “dead” comfortable.

Shop the Shark Pet Bed

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