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October 26, 2016

A Merry Modern Christmas with Ferm Living

by Julieta Lucca

Is that time of the year again…

... when we take our heavy winter coats and our waterproof boots. Our woolly hats and cashmere socks!

We carefully blow the dust off the christmas tree box and we get ready to decorate our homes. We also unapologetically bring out the Ferreros because this stuff makes you hungry. Anyone? No? Just me then. Who would have thought it’s nearly Christmas again! Last time we checked it was July.

Every single day leading up to December I tell to myself, no more Christmas decorations shopping! To be completely honest, our tree is literally frosted branches connected by a nice-looking string, you could say a 2D tree, and that’s true, which means there’s only so many decorations you can put on it before it starts looking like weird branches hanging on the wall with way too much going on.

Christmas tree problems aside, I thought I’d show you what I’m loving from Ferm Living’s Christmas 2016 collection, in case your home can in fact, take in more decor.

Have any favourites? Let us know in the comments! Or on twitter @JulietOYankee.

You know how much we love neutral colours for Christmas! Give me all the grey with a touch of gold! The reason why fermLiving’s Christmas decorations are a winner for us, is because they are quite unique. Every year, more and more brands are designing a lot more minimalist decorations to appeal to this new audience.

Winterland Brass Tree Outline

Gone are the days when Christmas was all about more more more! People are now opting for relaxed ornaments to create a more Zen space, a completely different approach but one that seems to be taking up.

✚ Elkeland Wall Hanging

Don’t be afraid of shying away from traditional Christmas colours, your home is your place to make pretty, so don’t think you need to stick to any “rules” when it comes to decorating. And this can be applied to all aspects of life! We particularly love the Patina Brass Ornaments for that exact reason.

The Winterland Brass Star is perhaps our favourite decoration from this year’s ferm Living’s christmas collection. It would work perfectly with 2D tress, like this Frosted Branches Hanging Tree from Cox&Cox.

Geometrical decorations like the Hexagon Brass Ornament are great for smaller trees or to create a fuller look. Why not remove the gold chain on 10-15 of these and replace for fishing line, then hang along a window to create an interesting cascading effect?


As you probably can tell, ferm Living’s christmas collection is for those who love brass decor.

If you are a lover of candles too, their Brass Extinguisher looks great and makes for the perfect gift. Use it to extinguish candles and preventing the burnt wick from falling into the melted wax.


What are your favourite pieces?

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