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November 26, 2014

The Wonderful World of Lazzari

by Julieta Lucca

Grab your coat and your pretty shoes, next stop is Lazzari's world.

When I came across Lazzari I was both in awe and love. I've finally found it, the clothing line that reflected my personality in every way, shape and form. Feminine dresses, beautiful colours and Made in Italy with love.

Lazzari’s uniqueness and playfulness resonated with me. I knew I discovered something quite extraordinary and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it.

I reached out to them wondering if they’d like to have a chat about who they are and what they do. The lovely Alessia put me in touch with Alice, Lazzari’s Designer, and this is what we talked about…

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your work and background.

ALICE: I’ve always loved drawing, sewing clothes and pampering my cats. Now I can do this for work, Well, except pampering cats. It’s something I still love to do but it doesn’t have a connection with my job 😉

How was Lazzari born?

Lazzari was born thanks to my family that founded the company many years ago. At the beginning they used to work for other brands, then they decided to go on their way and to produce their own line. They chose the name “Lazzari” (my mum’s surname). What makes Lazzari special is the love behind each single piece that is created by taylors that have a lot of experience and a very good taste. We work as a team, we are mainly women and each one of us is very important in the whole process.

What's the inspiration behind the unique, feminine and retro looking style?

Inspiration is something that comes up suddenly for me, it’s like when I want to eat chocolate, it has to do with wishes and desires.

Tell us about a typical workday at Lazzari. What do you like the most about your job?

Our creative office is part of the whole company so my day runs among pencils and fabrics, talking with the samples and pattern makers and tailors. Mr. Luigi, my lovely cat friend, then comes around and spends his morning with me. I love to have him around.

What's your favourite piece from the AW 14/15 collection or any past collections?

My wishlist this year consists in our Gold Lurex Duffle Coat, the skirt with toast-shaped pockets and the shirt with croissants.

You recently collaborated with Olimpia Zagnoli to create a beautiful croissant and cappuccino jumper. Who would you love to collaborate in the future if you could choose anyone?

There are so many at the moment, but I would like to pick someone that isn’t related to fashion or graphics or illustration. Maybe a musician?

What advice would you give to someone who's looking to work in fashion design?

Giving advice is very difficult because I really had the chance to love this job and to have my parents that believed in me let me work with them. I think that the most important thing (and something that people not tend to consider) is to work and have experiences in this field, maybe collaborating with someone that has his/her own experience and can teach you how to do things. Creativity is important of course, but knowing how to do things is a priority.

And last but not least, what's your favourite season?


Visit www.lazzarionline.net and follow them on Facebook for the latest news and collection updates.

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