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January 23, 2017

Namaste in Style: Yoga Gear for Winter

by Julieta Lucca

If you are a recurring Yogi, you know that in order to have a great practice you need great, straight-forward gear.

There's nothing worse than interrupting a pose to adjust a slippery mat or having your t-shirt go up to your face in the midst of a downward dog.

Yoga is one of those practices that doesn’t require much equipment but whether you are practising at home or joining your local studio, it pays off to invest in good quality, durable yoga gear.

We put together an edit of our favourite Yoga clothing for Winter and some great equipment for both beginners and experienced.


Tie It Up Singlet - Lululemon


This sweat-wicking and seriously lightweight tank top features Lululemon’s four-way stretch Seriously Light™ Luon fabric, which not only layers beautifully but it’s roomy enough allowing you to move with ease without feeling restraint.


Why we love it: The back ties up in a simple knot pulling the fabric in the right places to make this top not only flattering but very easy to wear. This feature is such a simple addition and yet it makes all the difference.

Shop the Tie it Up Singlet

Lisette High-Waisted Leggings - Fabletics


We are partial to a pair of Fabletics Salar leggings, but we may have found the ultimate pair of high-waisted leggings. The Lisette High-Waisted Leggings are known to be one of the most compressing leggings available.


Why we love it: These leggings are so comfortable and snug that you will wear them everywhere. They are the perfect pair for winter as the fabric is thicker than other regular pairs.

Shop the Lisette High-Waisted Leggings

Long Jumpsuit - OYSHO

There’s nothing as satisfying as slipping into a stylish jumpsuit. OYSHO’s track record of elegant and classic lingerie designs proves once again that exercising while wearing well designed gym gear can make you feel even better.


Why we love it: Going to your next yoga class is as easy as slipping into this number last-minute. The lines and mesh design is stunning too…

Shop the Long Jumpsuit


OTC65 Track Running Trousers - Nike


This is a great piece of gear for those who combine work-outs. Featuring a stretchy sweat-wicking fabric, you can rest assured your movements are not restricted by your gear.


Why we love it: The leg hems include zippers for custom ventilation. These trousers are the perfect cross between tights and pants.

Shop the OTC65 Track Running Trousers

Dry Challenger Running Shorts - Nike

For those looking for a more lightweight, breathable option, the running shorts feature built-in briefs for support and deep side pockets.


Why we love it: Great quality, affordable piece of gear that works well for indoor Winter Yoga sessions and brisk Summer runs.

Shop the Dry Challenger Running Shorts

Dry Elite Basketball Tank - Nike

Tank tops are usually the best option when it comes to Yoga practice as it enables for greater movement. This tank comes in a selection of great colours. This is a excepcional and all rounder top to add to your collection.


Why we love it: Functional and simple design, great quality at an affordable price. Made mostly of cotton.

Shop the Dry Elite Basketball Tank


Uplifting Yoga Block - Lululemon


This is a modern-looking block for those of us who need a bit of extra help during balancing poses. The design is simple and sleek which not only makes it useful but a great looking piece of equipment if you practice at home.


Why we love it: The block is made of dense foam, a both durable and supportive material.

Shop the Uplifting Yoga Block

Portable Tea Bottle - OYSHO


Brewing on the go is the new takeaway coffee. This sleek and minimal tea glass bottle has a mesh insert that allows you to both brew tea with loose leaves or pimp up your water with lemon, cucumber or herbs!


Why we love it: A simple, minimal design that you can take with you everywhere. We particularly like the use of glass instead of plastic.

Shop the Portable Tea Bottle


Non-Slip & Eco-Friendy Premium Yoga Mat - Active Living on Amazon

This mat is made of an SGS approved TPE material which is non-toxic, Phthalates free, Latex free, PVC free and free of harmful chemicals often presents in regular yoga mats. It’s not only durable but it’s suitable for beginners and professionals alike.


Why we love it: It comes with its own carry strap, making it easy to take with you.

Shop the Premium Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Eco-friendly Yoga Bolster - Calming Breath


Bolsters are a bit of a revelation for us. They are a fairly firm round pillow that you use to rest your back on to support Heart Opening Backbends and Restorative Forwards.


Why we love it: Apart from having a lifetime guarantee, it’s filled with natural buckwheat hulls which make this the perfect, eco-friendly piece of equipment.

Shop the Eco-friendly Yoga Bolster

Essential Yoga Kit - NIKE

For those testing the waters, this kit is the best option. At a very competitive price, you get a yoga mat, strap and block.


Why we love it: It doesn’t take much to begin practicing Yoga, which is why this kit is so great. Low commitment, exceptional equipment.

Shop the Essential Yoga Kit

Yoga Mat Bag - Sunita

To ensure your mat is kept clean and protected, a mat bag could be the next best addition to your kit. This one opens up lengthwise with a zip, so you avoid spending hours trying to fit a rubber mat inside a cotton bag. Been there.


Why we love it: Lightweight, hard wearing and well-crafted. It’s also available in a bigger size for wider mats.

Shop the Yoga Mat Bag


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