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March 27, 2017

Power-Yoga Your Way to Inner-Balance in This New-York Style Warehouse Studio in West London

by Julieta Lucca

West London is known for its quirky restaurants, laid-back lifestyle shops and serene residential areas.

But it’s not all Sunday brunches and strolls in the park; in the heart of Parsons Green, resides The Power Yoga Company.

This New-York style warehouse glass artist’s studio was set up in 2007 by French Yoga teachers Amélie and Marie-Laure, with the mission to offer a welcoming and safe environment that enables students to experience yoga as a celebration of life. It was also the first studio to offer Power Yoga in London, combining the eastern philosophy of Yoga with the western lifestyle.

What is Power Yoga?

“Power Yoga challenges the body and relaxes the mind in a truly incredible way: The original version of Ashtanga Vinyasa was spread worldwide by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

It was then renamed Power yoga by Beryl Bender and adapted to western practitioners by Bryan Kest. Hence Power Yoga varies depending on teacher, studio and class unlike Ashtanga yoga which follows the same set of sequence of poses.”

The naturally sunlit rooms and warm wooden floors transmit a feeling of serenity that it’s only surpassed after each practice.

With classes ranging from All Level and Level 1 sessions to Kids and Teen Yoga, Post-Natal and Pregnancy sessions; it’s perhaps one of the most inclusive studios in London. Offering not only Power Yoga but also Flow & Restore, Power of Yin and regular Yoga practices; The Power Yoga Company is the studio for anyone looking to get started or those looking for a studio with a restorative, positive and friendly atmosphere.

There’s nothing like a 60-minute session in their beautiful and quiet Shanti room in the middle of a busy week to de-stress, re-focus and achieve balance. Perhaps what’s most captivating about the sessions is the sense of togetherness and the energy that flows amongst the students in the room. My favourite part of a class is when students and teacher come together while chanting Om. Om is a mantra and vibration that is traditionally chanted before and after a Yoga session. Interestingly “The sound Om, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature.” You can read more about Om here.

What can students expect from attending a class at The Power Yoga Company?

“Sun salutations, standing postures, balancing postures, core, backbends, seated postures, inversions and last but not least the final blissful relaxation called Savasana.

On the ground floor for best accessibility, our Prana studio has the organic warmth of the old solid wood floor as well as an infrared heating system designed to keep the room between 25 and 27 degrees. This environment helps loosen up and stretch safely into a series of challenging postures as if in the sunshine! Mats and props are neatly stored at the entrance for yogis to use free of charge.”

“The Shanti room (located upstairs next to reception) is our smaller studio that accommodates up to 15 people. Its fireplace, high ceiling and massive full height windows make it a wonderful room to practice.

Of course we offer Male and Female changing rooms with its own showers, mirrors and needed accessories (hair dryer, towels, shampoo…). They have been refurbished with the studio’s style in mind and with a view to hygiene.

The PYC offers more than 80 classes a week to suit your every need: from pre-natal to teen yoga, restorative to vigorous power yoga…there is a class for everyone. For the passionate ones, the studio also offers an excellent teacher training course, currently more than 100 teachers have trained at the studio, many of which teach at The PYC. As well as classes and teacher training, our studio also supports total wellbeing with our organic Juice Bar, shop and informative workshops.”

www.thepoweryogaco.com – The Glass House, 11-12 Lettice Street, SW6 4EH London – Classes from £14



As a Juliet Oscar Yankee reader, you can enjoy and have a taste of The Power Yoga Company’s restorative, positive and friendly sessions with 5 Yoga sessions within 25 days for £25 using the code: PYC4JOY. That’s £5 the session! This offer is now finished.


The important stuff:

This offer has to be purchased between the 1st of April and 10th of April 2017 but can be used/redeemed at any time and not specifically between those dates. To redeem select the 5-hour pass (priced at £65) and apply the code on the promo box in the following page. T&C’s apply. See TPYC website for details.

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