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November 7, 2016

Re-Imagining Elegance with Nina + Co

by Julieta Lucca

When elegance and sustainability collide.

Nina Woodcroft is the designer behind Nina+Co, she's based between London and Amsterdam.

Nina+Co was founded in 2014 with the aim to venture into a wider design sphere and collaborate with designers and craftsmen in a range of different projects.

Nina has over a decade of experience in interior design and a wide portfolio of projects for world renowned hotels, cafes and residential clients from both London and Moscow.

What we love most about Nina+Co is perhaps the strong sustainability focus within her products and design projects. The use of of natural materials is what makes her eye for design a touch more special and her whole outlook even more desirable.

We sat down with Nina to talk about her love for design and how it came about as well as why sustainability plays a big part in the project she takes on as Nina+Co.

Saint Espresso in Angel

Did you always have a passion for design? How did you translate your love for it into the job you hold today?

Yes I did; I always used to hand-make things as a child. I then spent ten years working for an interior design firm on five-star hotel projects around the world. In 2014, I decided to start Nina+Co in order to work on smaller, more intimate projects and find interesting opportunities for collaboration. It has allowed for more creativity across a broader range of projects, and has, amongst many other things, enabled me to create my own product range, The Breakfast Collection

You mention that sustainability plays a big part in what you do and how you do it. What does sustainability mean to you as a designer and why do you think it's so important?

Sustainability means the same to me as a Designer and as a person. It’s a mindset through which I make a conscious effort to lessen the negative impact of my daily decisions.

Did you always have a passion for sustainable materials? How did this come around? What are your favourite materials to work with?

I’ve always had an interest in sustainable materials and am learning more all the time. I enjoy working with natural materials, particularly clay & wood.

Bespoke Armchair Design

What are some of your favourite projects that you've worked on in the past and why?

Dean Street Cafe for it’s innovative approach to dealing with youth homelessness, and The Breakfast Collection tableware because it was my first collection and has been so well received.

The Breakfast Collection which you released earlier in 2016 is made up of a plate, bowl, mug, butter dish and an espresso cup. How did the inspiration come around for the look and feel of the collection and what made you redesign such objects?

I began sketching whilst in Australia, a country which shares my appreciation for breakfast. It’s not inspired by any one thing in particular, more a reflection of my style: thoughtful, simple and tactile.

What other every-day objects would you like to challenge next?

I’m still thinking, but I know I’d like to work with cork.

The Breakfast Collection in collaboration with The Ceramicists

All images courtesy of Nina Woodcroft, Nina + Co

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