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March 8, 2017

Where Does Your Food Come From?

by Julieta Lucca

Now more than ever, people are starting to learn more about their food and where it comes from.

In a world where consumers are lied to constantly, from businesses' practices to the use of child labour; it’s no surprise that many feel the need to search for more transparent and reliable sources of food and products.

There is a longstanding notion that those who have read the facts about intensive animal farming and chose to reduce or completely seize their consumption of animal products are forever imposing their views and shaming those who choose to live otherwise.

And it’s true, there’s an incredibly huge group of people who have tarnished the reputation of vegetarians and vegans around the world. The way I like to see it, these people are probably deeply passionate about their decision but there’s really no reason why they should go around shaming others for eating meat.

What I’m trying to say is that, whether you are a meat eater or not, it’s important to read about the subject and familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the current state of animal farming and manufacturing of animal products. Know what you are eating and be aware of where your food comes from.

Knowledge is power, and once you have this power, you will be able to act accordingly. You are not just a customer, or a serial number anymore, you have the capacity to make a change.

In the case you are past that feeling of denial that everyone goes through, you may be looking to find new companies and new products that can help you make a more swift transition into a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. You may hear people talk about their experience and how they managed to successfully hate cheese forever, but the truth is, there’s no one path and no one way to do it.

Personally, I was a pescatarian for a year before going fully vegetarian and I still very much eat cheese because everyone knows I can’t live without it. Every now and again (more like twice a year), I may have a piece of chorizo or a slice of smoked salmon. And that doesn’t mean I’m a bad vegan. Can I even call myself vegan? Of course, I can, cheese is the only animal product I currently eat, and I hate specifics. I can really call myself whatever I want.

If you are still very much into the idea of learning about new companies and new products or you are a well established vegan, you may want to visit Veggieworld; one of Europe’s biggest and oldest vegan festivals.

This year, Veggieworld makes its debut in London during the second weekend of April (8th & 9th April). You will not only get to try and taste food from around the world but also learn from leading plant-based chefs during the cookery demonstrations and discover innovative fashion brands.

You can rest assured you won’t leave uninspired; there will be inspiring talks from some of the the most renowned speakers including social psychologist and author Dr Melanie Joy, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, former Shadow Cabinet Minister Kerry McCarthy MP, Paralympic gold medalist David Smith MBE, World Champion freerunner Tim Shieff, and the amazing Veganuary team among many others.

Find out more here.

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